Wool Racing/Betting

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Clueless1234: Learner
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533 109 -382
Machine Features: 
Four lanes of wool that creates a running wave when button is pressed; Four randomizers, each with different odds, are connected to the different lanes of wool. (Can be seen at the outsides/bottom of the racing track) These randomizers will short-circuit some of the pulses, allowing the wool blocks to "speed up." ; A machine that detects which pulse was received first. (Can be seen by the yellow wool in front of the racing track); Decoder for possible outcomes (wins, draws, etc. Can be seen at the end of the purple wires); More randomizers follows the decoder to decide the final winner. (Right next to the decoder) On the right side of this machine is four betting machines that uses sand as money. These machines are then connected to payment machines that shoots out sand into a hopper chute, that leads to the chest between the betting zones. Between the parts of the machine, I've constantly added pulse extenders/ shorteners to make the machines more fluent. The major components would be the randomizers at the beginning. It consists out of one main randomizer, that then connects on other smaller randomizers. I used the basic hopper/dropper design.
How To Use: 
Each wool block has different odds of winning. Red=1:2; Blue=1:3; Purple=1:4; Green=1:5. If your chosen wool wins, you will receive the amount you bet, multiplied by the chances of the Wool winning. To place a bet, choose a wool block and go to its betting zone. Place down sand into the hole in the ground (Maximum is 9). Press the button when finished betting. Betting has to occur before a race begins. You can bet on multiple wool blocks. After the race is finished, you can receive your prize money at the chest between the betting zones. To start the race, simply hop into one of the minecarts at the left side of the racing track and press the button. The wool blocks will start racing after the timer goes off. You will be able to follow the entire race whilst in a cart. After the race is finished, the winner's lamp will turn on and the beacon will turn white. The everything will automatically reset, including the minecarts. You can now go receive your prize money!
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Together with the Simon Challenge, both together are worth Regular for sure. :)

By Ecconia

Thank you :D

By Clueless1234