Application for RedSthunder00

In-game name: 
Why are you interested in joining this server?: 
A few years ago, I joined this server as a visitor and learnt the fundamentals of Minecraft CPU design from a player by building a 4 bit CPU with them. I owe to this player my current passion for computer engineering. Unfortunately, I cannot remember their username and could not find any screenshot of the build despite my best efforts. I would like to finally join this server to meet its logic community that seems to be larger than most redstone servers'. I played for about 4 years on the Redstoner, which I still enjoy despite its rather small pool of logic redstoners, and I am a member of ORE, though I rarely play on it because I quite frankly dislike its mostly selfish, albeit large, community (many players seem to be more interested in downplaying other's achievements and in flexing their own than in actually building stuff). I would like to finally join a redstone server with a large, friendly logic community.
Current Redstone knowledge: 
I know a fair bit about redstone mechanics used in both doors and logic circuits. However, I am not very good at compacting doors of large scale (5x5 and bigger) and I do not know enough about 0 tick to build logic circuits that use it. I also know about digital logic design, though I wouldn't call this redstone-related since it's from real life applications.
Past Redstone Experience: 
I built many different circuits over the year (mainly logic circuits, but also some doors). In order to keep this paragraph short, I will only write about my biggest projects. I built a 16 bit CPU about 2 or 3 years ago. At the time, I was very satisfied with it, but today I find it a bit crappy: the ALU is needlessly bulky and slow, the instruction set is limited, and worse of all, I didn't correctly implement conditional branching, making my build more of a glorified calculator than a CPU. This is what pushed me to start building a second CPU, this time pipelined. I started building a pipelined 8 bit CPU about a year ago, though I think I'll start it over because I wired it in a very messy way, which makes it hard to work on and very frustrating to troubleshoot (it also has a design flaw that prevents it from sending both data and an address to the memory, which makes memory accesses about 2 times slower). Though contrary to the previous CPU, I am very satisfied with my ICA ALU design, which I took many hours to enhance. I also quite like my dual read registers design, which is the smallest I have seen that stacks horizontally. I built also a 448 blocks (4x14x8) 5x4 piston door that opens in sync, my previous design being 468 blocks (4x13x9).
About how often do you play Minecraft?: 
6-10 hours per week
Anything else you'd like to mention? (Optional): 
English is not my first language, so please excuse my occasionally broken English.
Application status: 
What kind of creations would you like to build on this server?: 
I would like to rebuild my 8 bit pipelined CPU to make it easier to work with and more efficient. I'm also thinking about hooking it up to some sort of display with basic GPU capabilities such as line drawing. Maybe I'll make it fully solid-state by using a CCA ALU instead of an ICA one and by redesigning the dual read registers and the memory. I am also thinking about building a basic FPU to put into application what I learnt about floating-point arithmetic.