Application for Ozcoop

In-game name: 
Why are you interested in joining this server? (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
I have always wanted to find a server with creative capabilities that gave me free range to ALL of the redstone devices and instruments in minecraft. This server just happens to be the place! I have always had a quiet place to work on my redstone projects but it has become too quiet. I need people to talk to, people to ask advice of, and people to give advice. I believe that I would be a valuable asset to a server like this and I hope you will consider me! : )
Current Redstone knowledge (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
The trap door that I explain in the next question I am using in my current redstone project. I am building a 3D printer in minecraft. (I know it has been done before but I like the challenge) Using the new concrete powder and water, I move the sand on to a "Build Plate" that has a surface area 6 x 9 blocks. The floor would then retract to drop the sand onto the final "Print Bed". Water would harden the sand and the process would repeat. Sand was used as a filler block. I still have some tweaks to work out but I would love to build this on the server. I will enclude a picture of the retracting build plate.
Past Redstone Experience (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
I have been working with redstone for over 4 years now gaining as much knowledge as I can. Having both parents as engineers in real life, I have had a huge amount of experience with engineering. I can do the basics in every type of redstone there is but I tend to get focused on certain types of redstone. In a previous redsone build I constructed, I made a... "Trap Door" if you mind, that would open and close in 8 ticks. This trap door was 6 x 9 blocks wide. I believe that my redstone experiences would be valuable to everyone on a server like this. : )
About how often do you play Minecraft?: 
1-5 hours per week
Anything else you'd like to mention? (Optional): 
Thanks for taking the time to conciser me and have a good day. : )
Application status: 
What kind of creations would you like to build on this server?: 
Like I have previously said, I would love to build my version of a 3D printer on this server. Maybe try my luck at a walking slime machine but that might take some time. xD


I forgot to mention that I practically speak binary. Just another piece of help I can give to others. 0111100001000100 (xD)

By Ozcoop
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If so, have you joined the server for at least once? I can't rank you up because the server can't find the name.

By DrCrack

I am not sure what the IP is or where to find it...I thought that was how you limited players access onto the server :P

By Ozcoop