Application for MvVvM

In-game name: 
Why are you interested in joining this server? (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
I've been doing redstone for 2 years now and nothing has really gotten interesting with redstone to me, besides the observer block and the switch from console addition to java addition. I see this as a chance to get things interesting again and show my redstone to the world. And, honestly, to just have fun!
Current Redstone knowledge (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
I am at the intermediate stage of redstone if you will. My most complicated redstone build that i can think of right now is probably my 4x4 piston door. I like playing with pistons a lot. One feat that i would like to share is the designing of my really compact flush and vertical double piston extender. According to my research, it is the smallest design ever. it has a volume of 20 blocks and is 1x4x4.
Past Redstone Experience (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
I like playing with piston a lot! From elevators to piston extenders you name it i love pistons. i am very proud of my 4x4 piston door. it uses some mechanics from my 3x3 door. One mechanic is the storage of some blocks. It takes advantage of the floor to store the blocks. A piston on the very corner of the 4x4 frame can push blocks in to the door. As well as pull the away to be blended in with the floor. (sorry if you thought that was a bad explanation I'm usually bad at that sort of thing ;) )(M=mechanic idea by mumbo jumbo)
About how often do you play Minecraft?: 
1-5 hours per day
Application status: 
What kind of creations would you like to build on this server?: 
I will toy to bring on a lot of complicated builds. First to be tested and built on my testing world, and then to be built on the server. You will mostly see piston builds on the server by me cuz you know i luv my pistons. But I will try to go out of my comfort zone a bit and try to make things like memory, or lighting systems etc.


-WHAT KIND OF CREATIONS WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUILD ON THIS SERVER?: - i made a typo on the third word. Toy is meant 2 b try. Sry 4 the typo ;)

By MvVvM