Application for Coalossus

In-game name: 
Why are you interested in joining this server? (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
I like playing with redstone, and I want to become a staff member on a small server to start off. I want to play on this server because redstone is allowed, wich is pretty rare ona minecraft server. I want to have some experience in being a staff member, and i saw the signs in spawn and i thought that this was the ideal server to try it.
Current Redstone knowledge (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
Not that big, but i know how it works and im willing to learn more about it. I can make easy and regular redstone creations with ease, but for the big works such as an elevator I watch a tutorial. I can easily make a secret door with redstone, but there will be alot of space used for the redstone. I want to learn how to use redstone the most efficient way. Abd why not do that on a redstone server?
Past Redstone Experience (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
In the past I was pretty bad with redstone, I didnt even know what a repeater was. Now i know how it works but I'm still going to need some tutoring in redstone, thats the reason why I still need tutorials to make hard redstone creations. I wanted to make some cool redstone creations in the past, so i started to watch tutorials until i knew how redstone worked.
About how often do you play Minecraft?: 
1-5 hours per day
Anything else you'd like to mention? (Optional): 
Im kind of addicted to name changing, Is it a problem to change my name if I become staff member?
Application status: 
What kind of creations would you like to build on this server?: 
Mostly bases with secret entrances I think, but just some cool creations like an elevator will be in some of my buildings too.