8 bit Wallace Tree Multiplier

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011100000100111: Learner
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Input: 580 19 454 Output: 642 17 476
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My machine can mutliply any numbers up to 15 * 15. It uses the logic used in a wallace tree multiplier which is like multiplication in real life. First it starts with the first bit of the second number, multiplying every bit in the first number.(The way they are multiplied is by doing AND. It does this for every bit of the second number. However, the 2nd set of 4 answers is multiplied by 2, the 3rd set by 4, so on and so forth. Then all of the answers are added for the final answer, just like in our normal multiplication. Yes, the adders are RCA but I hope that doesn't change anything.
How To Use: 
Go to the input co-ordinates. The input is binary. The bits are marked by signs, and the first number is on the top whilst the 2nd one is on the bottom. Flick the levers of the bits that you want to be 1 on each number and then go to the output co-ordinates. It will then display the output on the torches, which are also marked with their corresponding bits by signs. When a torch is on, that bit is on.
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Not approved


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Your promotion request for Regular was denied. For one, this is a 4 bit multiplier, not 8. An 8 bit multiplier should be able to multiply two 8 bit numbers. This isn't of too much consequence, though. I do realize this challenge is on the challenge board, but I don't believe this challenge is complex enough to pass for Regular.

By Farex