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204 28 -315
Machine Features: 
it can play pong. it has 2 sets of pressure plates for controlling the panels,a big sign that can be turned from flashing or on, 3 levers, 2 for selecting game settings, the other for selecting the mode of the big sign, 2 meters indicating how many lives that person's side has. and has a system for detecting the ball going path the paddle on both sides.
How To Use: 
first you go to the wall of signs then select if you want to play PVP (player versus player) or PVW(player versus wall)(you play against a wall) if you select PVP just get ready with your friend, and press the send ball button to start. if you select PVW select the side you want the wall to be on then press the send ball button once a ball goes past a paddle, the person's side will lose a life once the lifes go down to 0 the win sign will start flashing and a arrow pointing to the side that one. you can also manually reset by pressing the reset button if you want to restart and you can make the sign flash by pressing the lever(might cause lag).
Request status: 
Not approved


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Your request for Regular has been denied. I don't believe that you are ready for Regular redstone skill-wise. A lot could be improved in this machine, and I think it should be for Regular. The ball shouldn't necessarily be restricted to one path, it should be able to still travel if placed anywhere on the screen. I think the idea for the controls are nice, but they could be improved. A larger default paddle size would be nice, since right now you have to be almost exact to deflect the ball. The controls are also kind of inverted, so you move forward and it moves down, and backwards and it moves up. It may just be me, but this confuses me and I think it should be fixed.

Overall I think you are doing well, and could achieve Regular still. Keep up the good work.

~ Farex

By Farex