Digital Maze

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741 97 23
Machine Features: 
it has 4 trap doors that are used for moving around, a 16x16 screen that shows your point of view if you were actually inside the maze, to the left of the screen is a big R which indicates when the maze is ready, above that is a WIN indicator that tells you when you won the game, above the 16x16 screen there is a big light that indicates when you can go backwards, when it is on you cannot go backwards, when it is off you can go backwards. the main system relies on a mapping system that shows X and Y values, the board is 7X7, so there are 49 different intersections to be in the maze, each intersection on the mapper has 4 values, 1 for blocking up, 1 for blocking down, 1 for blocking right, and 1 for blocking left. the way the mapper is controlled is with a SS counter that can subtract and add, since there are 2 values(X and Y) there are 4 inputs, being up down left and right, the trap doors are hooked up to this. besides that, there is basic logic involved like OR and AND. oh and there's a manual reset button.
How To Use: 
when you first go up to the machine, you will want to RESET it so you don't end up where someone left off, once you reset wait for the R to turn back on, once the R is on, you can start to play, the main 16x16 screen shows if your perspective. the big bar above that indicates if you can go backwards, when the light is on, you cannot go backwards, when it is off you can go backwards. When the big WIN sign turns on, you have reached the end of the maze! after you win the game will be automatically reset. to RESET the maze manually, there is a button behind the D-pad.
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not only because of this build, but all the others he made. One can see that he improves with every build. He finally needs a plot and WE.

By Ecconia