Application for Doge_Lord_1943

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In-game name: 
Why are you interested in joining this server? (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
first of all, I want to join because I am a noob in redstone and I wish to learn more than basics. I can offer help to beginners who want help that I actually can help with. this server might be able to push my limits and sometime help me make my own redstone tutorials on my YouTube channel.
Current Redstone knowledge (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
tiny redstone doors (4 pistons), some traps, redstone clocks, basic piston contraptions, chairs you can sit on (uses a piston, so technically redstone, right?), a not gate (kinda), how to use tripwires for traps, turning off redstone torches, making a 2x2 vault door (i guess), and mini TNT launchers.
Past Redstone Experience (MUST BE OVER 2 FULL LINES LONG!): 
one of my bests were... using command blocks to form a house out of the basics (planks, cobblestone etc.), a tiny piston door, a trap using tripwires and pistons using my own way (turning off redstone torches), and i have basically no other experience with redstone other than about 1-3 years of trying to understand it.
About how often do you play Minecraft?: 
> 15 hours per week
Anything else you'd like to mention? (Optional): 
i think this is good
Application status: 
What kind of creations would you like to build on this server?: 
piston doors that are shaped in more than one way, like spoon piston doors, huge ones, triangle ones (maybe anyways) and other things that I can't think of at the current moment.