Tic Tac Toe

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[Learner] DannyTS5
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886 191 -368
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RESET BUTTON: Button connected to multiple observers resets the game, returning the win detection system to its original state, turning off the lights of the winning side, resetting all "turned on" components from 1 tick pulses, and clears the board. ||||| TURN DETECTION: Observers set up on the redstone lines leading towards the board detect when a player has entered a choice. The observers detect which player has entered a choice, and pushed a piston with a redstone block, which changes the arrow that indicates whose turn it is. ||||| WIN DETECTION: Besides the board, each button is wired to a vertical piston line of alternating solid and transparent blocks. The blocks go up through a four levels of grids, each detecting at least one possible way the player can win. When a button is pushed, the piston pushes the blocks upwards, allowing a redstone signal to travel through. Once a winning option has become possible, a redstone signal will travel through it and make it's way under the standing platform. There, it will light up the winner's side and a short jingle will play. This is resettable by the Reset Button. ||||| SPAM PROTECTION: If a cheeky player decides to spam the input button for a choice, not crash. It will input the choice, and one the player gets tired of pushing the button, the game moves on. ||||| CLEAR VISIBILITY: No redstone obstructs your view of the board from the standing platform. ||||| FAIRLY COMPACT: The game is made in a fairly small area (for a redstone mini game in Minecraft) and does not use any complicated redstone techniques. If you wish for a comparison, take note of the other Tic Tac Toe game to the west of this one. It is much bigger, uses much more redstone, and utilizes more complicated techniques.
How To Use: 
Two players stand on the platform. One on the O Side (red) and one on the X Side (blue). Before starting the game, remember to hit the restart button, just in case (it never hurts to be too safe). Then, the player on the side that the arrow is pointing to picks a square. The square is filled with their symbol, the arrow changes, and the other player takes their turn. If a player wins, a jingle will chime and the player's area will light up. If a stalemate has happened, simply shrug your shoulders and reset the board. Keep repeating that until someone wins. If you are finished playing, be courteous to others and reset the board before you leave.
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Not approved


Farex's picture

Your promotion request has been denied. It is a nice build, but it lacks some key features.

Spam protection: You mention that you have this, but what we mean by spam protection is also that you cannot place more than one piece by pressing two buttons quickly. Somewhat related to this, you should not be able to place a piece when it is not your turn, and you should not be able to place a piece over the other player's piece.

Tic Tac Toe isn't too likely to pass, unless you make it very well. I would suggest trying another challenge. But keep up the good work, and I think you will do well.

Best regards,
~ Farex

By Farex