4 - Bit Adder

Build image: 
In-game name (NO VISITORS! Must be LEARNER rank or higher!): 
Builder name(s) and current ranks: 
capt_marin - Learner
Creation location: 
XYZ 672 114 -456
Machine Features: 
This build takes 2 number inputs, encodes them into 4-bit binary code, adds them, then recovers the answer to the additive problem. It uses 2 4-Bit Binary Encoders as well as 4 full adders that use XOR's AND's as well as an output. It also uses a decoder that can reveal answers up to the decimal number 30.
How To Use: 
Choose two random numbers from each side and look up at the lights above and it will reveal the additive answer. (A 7-segment numeric output is currently being added.
Request status: 
Not approved