Connect 4, win detection

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TheRedstonien87: Learner
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X: 350 Y: 90 Z: 60
Machine Features: 
It is a 2 players 6x5 connect 4 with win detection, it uses : comparators, and gates, nand gates, monostable and I didn't wanted to add an auto reset because it would be less fun in my opinion, but I could if I wanted.
How To Use: 
press one of the five buttons (one over each line) and wait a second for your cross or circle (square) to appear down the bottom, than it is the other player's turn et caetera, the goal is to align 4 of your (I was about to say color) figures to win. When the game is done, press the "reset" button and wait for the lamp to turn off. And there you go !
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Not approved


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This is a nice build, and I think that you are very capable of becoming a Regular. But, your build is missing a key feature that is asked for, which is spam protection. This means that a player cannot press two buttons very quickly and place two chips. If you can add this to your build, then it will have a better chance of passing.

Best regards,
~ Farex

By Farex