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steveg22: learner
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508 133 -124
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TTA Cpu is a triggered transfer architecture. These types of cpu support only 1 instruction: mov dest, src. this is extremely simple to build in logic, since all you are doing is moving data around. To make the cpu useful, certain registers have special purpose when read or written to. In this case, r0-r7 are program and data (general purpose read/write). r8 is write only, and is an input to an adder circuit r9 is input 2 of adder, and reading from this returns r8+r9 r10 is program counter, a simple binary counter that has reset and load functions r11 is write only, it just lights up the top row of lamps on the switchboard reading from r8 or r11 will return 0. the cpu also has a branch delay slot, so when an instruction writes to r10, the next instruction after the write will also be executed before control goes to the target address.
How To Use: 
the switchboard is the 'rom' of the computer. here is where you can enter in the commands/data used in the cpu. when reset. all internal registers are reset, then a bootloader circuit starts. this programs all the registers in the cpu from the data on the switchboard. r10-r11 are reset to 0 internally. currently the build has a fibonacci program loaded. the signs on the switchboard show the assembly and theres additional info on the clock circuit explaining what the cpu does every cycle. on the bottom of the switchboard are several lamps, and a few have buttons on them. the left most is the reset function. this starts the reset and bootstrap of registers. the lamp next to this indicates when the reset circuit is running, and no further input will be allowed during this time until the lamp turns off. next to the reset, is the cpu control. start cpu will start the clock and it will light the middle lamp telling you its running. the rightmost button is the pause button, this stops the clock (but does not reset anything). when the middle lamp is off it is safe to restart the clock or reset on the top of the switchboard is the output of r11. as the fibonacci program runs the current result will be displayed here.
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im working on a much more compact, and hopefully, much faster version of this cpu. I really do need some W/E help with this as the register stacking is complicated and difficult to build by hand.

By MaudDib222

anyone there?

By MaudDib222

2 weeks. I must say...i have a lot of patience...but thats a bit much to ask. if its not worth your time...let me know. ill go somewhere else.

By MaudDib222

Accepted, it alone is not Turing complete, but the player shows a good redstone style and intends to build a Turing complete CPU soon.

By Ecconia