Connect 4: Bus-Man Begins

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In-game name (NO VISITORS! Must be LEARNER rank or higher!): 
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mjc4wilton: Learner
Creation location: 
(X: -213, Y: 21, Z: 1332)
Machine Features: 
This is a 7x5 Connect 4 utilizing falling concrete powder (because it doesn't look like sand and gravel) Fully features win detection, tie detection, turn-detection, Anti-spamming (within reason), and all other requirements for the build. Looks half-way decent too. Additionally sand cleared from the board will be sorted into chest arrays enabling replacement of the sand in the unlikely event it is started in a survival world.
How To Use: 
Welcome to Ol' MJ's Connect 4. Start by getting a friend and stick them at one side of the glass while your on the other side. Start by pressing "Start Game" and one side will start with their turn which is indicated by the ceiling lighting up. That side will press the button that co-responds to which column they want the sand in. The lamps will switch and the other player will have the ability to do the same. Keep going until one person has 4 of their pieces connecting diagonally, horizontally, or vertically which is indicated by the "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" light behind each player. In the event of filling the board and causing a tie the board will automatically reset itself so you can continue duking it out until you find a connect 4 master mind. If you require shaving mid way through a connect 4 game you are free to press the "Quit Game" button which will clear the board and allow you to exit, freeing your soul away from my contraption. Those mighty enough to win will receive bragging rights because we have run out of chicken dinners.
Request status: 
Not approved


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I was very surprised that somebody has actually made this kind of c4 :D
But there are many problems here D:
1. Easy to bypass spam protection
2. Broken win detect: I somehow won when I was not supposed to...
3. You are able to stack the concrete powders over the top
Other than that, I like your build, because it's new

By DrCrack
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I've fixed your second and third concerns and will submit a new application after I figure out your first, however I do not understand how you are breaking the spam protection as I cannot do it even when I try my hardest to. If you could elaborate on how you managed to do it so I can fix it that would be great.

By mjc4wilton