Tic Tac Toe

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Build image: 
In-game name (NO VISITORS! Must be LEARNER rank or higher!): 
Builder name(s) and current ranks: 
eL_T: Learner+
Creation location: 
~1530, 63, 554
Machine Features: 
- Discrete On/Off buttons - Auto-reset when either win or tie occurs (can be turned off if desired by Lever on lower right-side of the unit) - One shared input panel - Easy to use - No AI, player inputs only
How To Use: 
Click the "On/Reset" button. X always goes first. Click the "Off" button to turn off and disable the inputs.
Request status: 
Not approved


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It's a nice move of you to add the flashing pieces on the board when someone wins, but there is a lot of room for improvements.

1. Easy to bypass spam protection
2. The win detector can be compacted even more, but that requires redesigning it :P

bonus: This doesn't affect anything, but if there are no clocks that keep running forever in your machines, The ON or OFF option is not necessary. It's okay if you keep it for your own reasons though

By DrCrack
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1. The version above this one has spam protection after 1-tick.
2. The win detector in the new one is very compact. X and O detection. 2-tick detect.
3. This TTT is smaller in width and depth than the one in the Showcase. Only mine is a lot taller due to better screen size for true X and O. Also has light-up grid, which adds to the height. Speed nor reliability are affected, and these make for a better TTT experience.
4. The OFF button turns of the grid and disables all inputs. It very much has a purpose in this build.
5. This build is clean and organized with no unnecessary bussing. No pistons/sticky blocks. Has win sequence for X win, O win, and Tie.

I stopped building on this TTT due to the comments from the admin that aesthetics are not important at all, that the only thing that really matters is if it's small...even though this is relatively small and fast, compared to other TTT builds on this server. My apologies for wanting to make a fast, reliable, good looking machine. I will build a generic +&o TTT and re-apply.

By eL_T