Teleputers Tic Tac Toe

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965 210 -380
Machine Features: 
It has all the features that you listed in the Challenge list which includes Spam detection, Turn detection, and Win Detection it works as any normal TTT game It uses a 0 and + display that is connected up by dropper RS latches that then output to a long line which goes to the win detectors, the win detectors work by having input from ever combination of winning sets like - \ / and |, the input is a simple keypad type design that connects to the RS latches, but in between the connection there is a Turn/Spam Detector that does what it says it does Overall it took around 7 hours to make and perfect and it works as expected Just to add, I built this on a laptop with a Trackpad without a right click
How To Use: 
it's like every other normal TTT game, but you input it with the 2 Keypads, the keypads correspond with the top display
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Not approved