1.8 released!

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Okay, the Adventure update is finally released. But you know what? You still need 1.7.3 to play on our server (as usual).
If you want to be able to switch between multiple versions of Minecraft, there is an awesome tool available at digiex.net that can do that.


it wont let me log in on 1.73 its is giving me a weird error

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I just saw your comment... there was an issue with minecraft.net which wouldn't allow non-1.8 clients to log in. They have fixed it already.

By stym

I downloaded the version switcher... but it when i opened up the application for it it would start loading then it would stop. What should I do to make this work?

By Goodatthis

Do you plan on converting the server into 1.8 anytime soon? I do understand it is a lot of work, so I don't expect you to get it right away.

By Goodatthis
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updating the server is pointless now that 1.9 is coming out soon :/

By critical_pain
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wanna come back??

By Emilgardis
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I can't join the Redstone Server.. :S Not even with the Digiex. Forgot to make a copy of the 1.7 jar before upgrading to 1.8 :/

By Helgi_8
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i have minecraft 1.0.0 the full release i want to downgrade to 1.8.1 so i can play how do i?

By djice