Server info

Creative/Redstone server

Server address
Minecraft version 1.7.2
Player slots 32
OS/Software Debian/CraftBukkit
Specs Intel Core i7 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM dedicated to Minecraft server
Plugins CommandBook, CommandHelper, HawkEye, WorldGuard, WorldEdit
(there's much more, type /plugins in-game to find out)
Whitelist No, but apply with an application to earn the learners rank.
TNT Block damage disabled
PvP Off
Animals/mobs Off
Fire spread Off


  1. Game settings provided here are not final and are a subject to change. We will adjust them according to players' behaviour and play style.
  2. Our update policy is: after every Minecraft update the server stays on the old version until both CraftBukkit and area protection plugins are updated and work. We will not run the server on vanilla Minecraft software (at least until it provides a way to protect people's work).
  3. Player slots number might increase in future, as long as the server stays lag-free.