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Player reports

Here you may report players who broke the rules.
May be harassing someone or using vulgar language in chat.

Please provide the time when the incident happened or where in case of griefing.
Please be detailed and provide valid reasons.

^Text may be edited in future.


DogeTheDev has broken a rule -> He is bypassing chat filter and saying a 'racist' word. This happened at around 19:24 (BST) and words/phrases said were "Ni**er" "Holy sh** my balls are holy" and "Sh**" over 2 times. I told him to stop politely, but he did not. I can't really detail it any more.


Mr_IO has kind of got involved by carrying on the conversation with DogeTheDev when he said "I eat sh**". Mr_IO replied with "Great, how does it taste?" Minute or so after, Mr_IO said "Must be some pretty good sh!tt", swearing/bypassing chat filter. This happened around 19:27 but I cannot give an exact time due to writing this while he said that.

Please don't pay all of the attention to this, just a little more detail into the logs of it. Thanks.

Molly overreacting somewhat....

Alright, I have to say, i admit to bypassing the filter with 1 word, sorry about that.
But I need to point out that saying "great how does it taste" was a joke, and even if it was not a joke, its no swearing, and i cant see how its breaking the rules, I realize that some of the things molly mentioned did happen, but what I said was not against the rules and she provides no proof of them happening other than an inaccurate time. Molly, you really are overreacting and I realize you want staff and are trying to look good by reporting us, but this is plain overreacting(I said that a million times i know). Thank you for reading this, have a good day.
- Mr_IO

Sorry, I don't want staff. I

Sorry, I don't want staff. I know, and I am sorry, Please pay no attention to this report. I just like people to keep the chat clean.


Errr Kindergarden?

Just some information:
Any report will be considered AND confirmed + judged.
First of all this is no place to defend yourself you may put your veto here but then no more than one like, with please ask me ingame. I just don't want Kindergarden discuclssions here.

Reports are reports not more. If a player broke a rule its worth reporting already. If we consider it is our decision.


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Suspected griefing - "camron315"

I suspect that player "camron315" has been griefing. I was flying around Learner, when I saw lava pools, two next to each other.
This is at coordinates 64, 23, -199. Using /hawk tool, I determined that lava had been placed by camron315 at 19:11:49 on the 24th of October 2017, and also the other puddle was placed 3 seconds later. Using Hawk Tool, I further discovered that the builds underneath the lava were not his/hers, therefore I believe this is considered as griefing.



I suspect that I banned this player already. Als he did grief a lot, I did undo the whole Griefing in creative... Much much, there also was some Learner which I didn't roll back properly.


Saying F*** word, repeatly saying another server, harassing me by saying kms and kmsinrl and still is harassing me.


I will investigate that in some hours, I am in bed rn.


Nvm the harassing i thought kms ment something else

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Greifing - TheRedstonien87

I suspect that TheRedstonien87 has been greifing in the Learner area. He placed signs saying "FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE" and other messages on builds that were not his own. I did this by using /hawk tool. He also destroyed signs the build owner placed. This is at coordinates 336, 23, -92.