How to Join

  1. REGISTER AN ACCOUNT on this website.
  2. Verify your email by following the link emailed to you and set your password. If a confirmation email does not appear in your inbox, check the spam folder. If it's not there, ask staff for help.
  3. Fill out and submit your APPLICATION FORM (log in first). You can check out the status of your application at any time here.
  4. Wait. Patience is a virtue. Our staff is not always online, and it may take hours or even a day before staff is available to review applications, but generally they are done rather quickly.
  • Passphrase for registration is: flan#2adminium
  • You have to visit the server at least once, before writing an application.
  • Applications MUST meet the minimum length requirement of two FULL lines (not sentences) of text per main question
  • The only way to (possibly) speed up the approval is to write an interesting and elaborate application.
  • Do not copy/paste from other applications. This will result a permanent ban.

    1. No griefing, or editing another players' creation at all without the players' permission.
      Griefing is absolutely not acceptable in any form. Griefers will get permabanned without a chance to dispute/unban.
    2. Act reasonably. Foul or hateful language and spamming are a bannable offence.
    3. Fast pulsers and all contraptions that uses pistons or clocks should be toggleable (if possible). Do NOT leave your clocks working when you're leaving, this causes lag.
    4. Hacked clients are not tolerated, but mods are welcome, unless they cause lag.
      Ask staff members if your mods are allowed before using them.
    5. Do not ask for promotions..
      Showing staff members your creations does not count as asking.
    6. Keep all public plots clean.
    7. Advertising is forbidden.
    8. No public discussion of staff actions is allowed.
      If something bugs you, PM any uninvolved staff member.
    9. If you're not sure about something, ask first.