This section contains rules that apply to all services of the Redstone Server unless stated otherwise.
We advise you to take your time and read them to avoid accidental rule breaking.
The staff members can interpret and enforce the rules as necessary, depending on the situation.
If you disagree with staff member actions, you can discuss these with a staff member using private chat in-game or a personal message on the website.

Last major update: 2017-06-10
Last minor update: 2022-08-29
Last update: 2019-03-01: "Rules apply on all services".
Last update: 2022-08-29: "Respect other players building space".
If you didn't read these rules after the latest date, you should!

The rules apply to everyone on the server. [Visitors, Members, Staffies]

    The rules in this section apply to any form of communication on the server. This includes public chat, private chat, external links, commands, signs, books and letter-shaped structures.
  1. Do not use profane or vulgar language and do not swear.
  2. Do not harass or insult other players in any way. This includes their personal life, building skills, knowledge, education, etc.
  3. Do not spam. This includes command-spam and TAB-complete-spam.
  4. Inappropriate topics are only tolerated in private chats.
  5. To share your negative opinion about builds and contraptions, use proper criticism with valid arguments.
  6. Do not trash talk or insult our and other servers.
  1. Do not blatantly advertise servers, websites, games etc.
  2. Do not advertise our server on other servers.
    In this section IPs and domains will be considered as part of links.
  1. Links must be educational or related to this server. We tolerate music, but only send these links if somebody wants to listen to them, so ask first.
  2. If you want to send a different link or want to invite someone to a different MC server, you need to get permission from a staff member. You can do this using private chat. All other links will be considered advertising, especially game server links.
  3. Links should only be shared using public and private chat. Any other way of sharing links is not allowed without the permission of a staff member.
  4. Do not send links to players in private chat without their approval.
  1. Do not beg for ranks/promotions, plots, membership, or extra permissions.
  2. Do not ask for a staff position. Asking this will never have a positive impact on our decisions regarding new staff members.
  3. If you are banned, the only way to get unbanned is through an unban request on the forums. Discussing your ban in any other way will be ignored.
  4. Do not ignore staff orders.
  5. If you disagree with staff member actions, do not use the public chat or the public forum to discuss that. You can discuss these with a staff member using "/msg" in-game or personal messages on the website.
  6. Ranks are bound to accounts. If you want to use a different account in addition to your current account, you will have to rank up starting with an application for the new account.
  7. Each account should only be used by one person. Do not share your account with anyone else.
  1. Minecraft client changes and third party software must be approved by staff before you are allowed to use them.
  2. Any form of hacking or exploiting to harm the server or gain an unfair advantage is not permitted.
  3. Automation software such as macros, bots and auto-typers has to be approved by a staff member before you are allowed to use it.

See our mods page for more specific information on which mods are allowed.

  1. Do not build inappropriate builds (genitals/vulgar words/etc).
  2. Any form of griefing will not be tolerated. Griefing is not only destroying, but also changing even one block of a build you do not own. Using builds is okay. To prevent misunderstandings, write down the creators name on a sign in plain sight.
  3. Do not create builds with the intent to cause lag or crash clients.
  4. Turn off all clocks and machines you've turned on or activated when you finished using them.
  5. Every machine or clock that does not stop by itself must have the ability to be turned off.
  6. The creative world is only for creative builds, you may support your builds with redstone, but "only redstone" machines are not allowed.
  7. Do not change blocks outside of your plot without permission, even if you can.
  8. Do not use machines that de-afk players or prevent players from getting auto-afk'd..
PUBLIC BUILD AREAS (including Creative World):
  1. Keep all public areas clean.
  2. Do not block or change the pathways.
  3. Do not build pillars (of shame) or random blocks as well as dig holes in the floor.
  4. Do not mark areas for yourself.
  5. Do not create platforms in the sky.
  6. Do not partially destroy your own builds. If you do not want them anymore, remove them completely.
  7. If there is no space, ask a staff member to make or find some for you. Building in the air is highly recommended.
  8. If you give up on a project, remove it or ask a staff member to remove it for you.
  9. Respect other player's build space. Do not build close to an existing build unless you have permission from its creator.
PUBLIC PLOTS (only Redstone World):
  1. Do not build underground (wire tunnels are allowed if you cannot avoid it).
  2. Do not build houses, bases, buildings, farms or any other survival/creative build. You can build these in the creative world (/cr) or in private plots.
  3. Abandoned projects may be removed by staff if they are untouched for over a week. If you want to keep them, ask a staff member to mark them.
  4. Simple/Useless builds may be removed without warning. (Simple builds: 2*3 Doors, small TNT-Cannons)
  1. Our server does not support survival builds and certain vanilla content such as animals and plant growth.
  2. Private plots may be removed if the owner has not logged in for over a year. However, we do keep a backup of each removed plot.
  3. Private plots will only be expanded if the existing space is too full to continue building.

Have fun~