Well hello there and welcome to Redstone Server!

We are a bunch of people playing Minecraft, who eventually decided to host their own server. As simple as that. Our goal is to provide quality SMP gameplay experience to the members of our community. We won't pretend being special (there are literally thousands of Minecraft servers out there!) but we have certain standards that we are aiming to follow:

  • Lag-free game. It is well known that a large number of servers are overloaded with users, which results in a laggy experience and (sometimes) rollbacks. We are starting our server underloaded. The current player limit is 32, but we are pretty confident that the hardware can handle more. We will figure out the right limits over time and we will not take more than we can handle.
  • People's work is the most valued thing on this server and it will always be. Everyone hates losing hours of work because of a server rollback. Well, we hate that too and we pledge to do our best to prevent it. Your projects will be protected and backup'd regularly. Want to copy a structure you've build to your single player world? Just ask a mod and they will export your building into a downloadable .schematic file for you.
  • "Have fun" is the #1 directive for all players. Seriously. What's the point in playing a game that is not fun?
  • Feedback is awesome. Have questions? Don't be shy, go ahead and ask. Got comments or suggestions? Perfect, there is always room for improvements, so go ahead and post it.

In order to play on our server you need to apply on the website. Learn how to become a member on the "Rules" page.