Parent Information

If you've found your way here, you may be the parent of a very smart and considerate child, looking for your permission to join. Read on to learn about us.

Stym's Redstone Server is not your average game server. It's not a place to screw around and waste time. Our members are people of all ages and origins who have come together to learn about digital logic circuitry. What we do is nothing short of engineering. It may look like it's just a bunch of colored blocks to the untrained eye, but the tools in this "game" allow real-life computing circuit representation if used in the way we do. Personally, I cannot wait until my own baby boy develops enough motor skill to join the server.

Membership is FREE. The server does cost us money to run, and we do support donations for those who choose to help, but normal membership is completely free, and we will never ask for anything more than an email address and some background information on the member's "redstone" (electronics) experience. The reason we require this is mainly to keep out the riff raff (who are known in the gaming world as "griefers" and "trolls"). Our users are devoted, and like to be around other devoted people. This registration also provides us a form of contact, in case we need to relay a server-related message to the user. We never release email addresses for any reason.

If you do choose to donate, a few dollars will go a long way for the user. A one-time donation of $5 grants ALL extra features indefinitely (the cost of a Happy Meal). The two most important perks are a private protected place to build (general users share areas), and WorldEdit, which is a tool to help copy and paste parts of a build to eliminate hours of tedious work. It's the best $5 I have spent to this day. (None of the staff make any money from this. Any donations go towards paying for the hosting. Donations have generated excess income only 2 months in the years we have been online, so you can rest assured that this is not our priority.)

So what now? Well, there are two easy steps to take if you will allow your child to join:

1. Register.
Registration requires a valid email address, which is verified before the user can log in. Some email providers do not work for some reason, like Yahoo, so if you do not see an email within a few minutes, talk to us about fixing that. If your child does not have an email, they may use yours, or you could keep their eventual clutter out of your inbox by signing them up for a free email service. We recommend If you prefer, you can even share the email account password so you may monitor it. Just be sure to set the recovery information to your own accounts/phone number so you can be sure you can be in charge of it. You could of course also share our website login information with your child as well.

2. Apply.
Once registered, the user will log in and provide some experience information on the Applications page. This is just to get an understanding of their current redstone knowledge level. All user applications are accepted if filled out correctly, regardless of skill level.

This is a learning experience like no other, and I recommend it to everyone interested in redstone or electronics. It's the perfect place to let your child's creativity and imagination grow!
- Gort (Admin)