Client-sided game modifications

Client-sided mods are modifications that change the behavior of your game on the client side. This includes visual mods, macro mods, automation mods, etc. This page is intended to inform you about what mods we allow on our server. The term "mods" on this page refers to client-side modifications.

Approved mods

The specific mods listed here are approved for use on the server, assuming the user follows all other mod guidelines for the server and obeys all other rules of the server. All of these mods can be loaded through the Fabric Modloader.

  • OptifineOptiFabric - A mod used to improve performance of the game and control visual settings. 
  • WorldEdit CUI - A mod used to visually display your WorldEdit selection.
  • Command Macros - A mod used to improve workflow by mapping commands to keyboard shortcuts. Note that certain features of this mod are NOT approved (See "Banned features" below).
  • MiniHUD - A mod used to display in-game information such as coordinates and server TPS.

Mods that ONLY modify client-sided visuals are also allowed. If you are unsure if a mod is allowed, it is always best to speak with a Moderator or Administrator to prevent any accidental infraction upon the rules.

Banned mods

  • ALL hacked clients.
  • ALL mods intended for automated building or other forms of automation.
  • ALL mods intended to keep your or another player from going AFK.
  • ALL mods that alter player movement.

The use of banned mods on the server will result in disciplinary actions being taken against your account.

Banned features

Listed below are specific features of mods that are banned. This section is a necessary clause, as certain approved mods may have included features that are not allowed to be used on the server.

  • Any features that cause full automation, such as looping commands, automatically placing blocks, moving your character for you, chatting automatically, etc. Macros that run a SINGLE command are approved.
  • Any features that result in spammed chats or commands.
  • Any features that send false packets, modify packets, or attempt to inject a packet that is being sent. This likely means you are using a hacked client, but it is in this list just in case.

The use of banned features on the server will result in disciplinary actions being taken against your account.

Custom mods & clients

We fully support the use and development of your own custom mods and clients, as we believe it can be an enriching learning experience. However, you MUST ask for direct approval from a Moderator or Administrator before using such mods or clients. This is to ensure that the mod or client aligns with the rules and guidelines stated above, and so that we can observe and encourage your development of the mod or client.

Misuse of mods & reserved rights

The misuse of client-sided mods on our server will result in disciplinary actions being taken against your account. We reserve all rights related to the use of client-sided mods on our server. This includes, but is not limited to: the right to define "misuse" of a client-sided mod, the right to disapprove any mod, and the right to take disciplinary action against your account based on misuse, as we see fit.