Trustees are players that have actively contributed to the server community up to a point where the staff team trusts them enough to hand them an extra set of perks to help out with staff-related tasks. Trustees can be recognized by the [T] suffix in-game.

Obtaining Trustee

The Trustee rank is handed out by the staff team when we believe it to be appropriate. While you cannot request this rank, you can put the odds of gaining Trustee in your favor by contributing to the server community in the following ways (this is not a complete list):

  • Be active on the server
  • Be active on official communication channels
  • Be helpful to other players
  • Know the server rules
  • Politely remind players of the rules when necessary
  • Report misbehavior of other players on official communication channels when necessary
  • Report bugs
  • Request useful features

Trustee perks and tasks

While having the Trustee rank with all its extra perks is definitely great, it's not entirely free of charge. Trustees are expected to maintain the behavior that caused them to get Trustee and to use the extra Trustee perks to make the server a better place. Trustees have the following perks, which they should use in the following manner:

  • Bad language notifications
    When the bad language filter prevents a user from sending a message, this message is still displayed to Trustees. This helps Trustees to get more information about a potential rule offender and more easily detect players who are actively trying to bypass the chat filter.

  • Kick permissions
    When a player breaks a rule or seems to be close to breaking a rule, Trustees should kindly remind the player of the rules. If the player ignores this warning and continues their behavior, a kick can be used to force a warning upon them. Kicks should always come with a meaningful reason passed to the command as /kick <player> <reason>. Kicks will last for 10 seconds, essentially acting as a 10 second ban.

  • Temporary ban permissions
    When a player is severely griefing, clearly only online to spam advertisements or something similar, a temporary ban can be given without warning. When the offense is less severe but the player has been warned and kicked without adjusting their behavior, a temporary ban is also appropriate. If it feels like a player just needs a few minutes to calm down, a 5 minute ban can be appropriate, which can be done using /ban t:5m <player> <reason>. For more severe rule offenders, the player can be banned for up to 1 hour using /ban t:1h <player> <reason>. In these cases, it is very much appreciated to report this ban to staff so that further action can be taken against the player. Trustees can use /ban to make active bans longer but never shorter. The /isbanned <player> command can be used to see if a player has been banned and for how long.

  • Freeze permissions
    If at any point a player is severely griefing, spamming chat, or doing something similar, then the /freeze <player> command can be used to prevent them from chatting, running commands and moving. This can be a quick way to win some time to write a proper kick or ban reason, or talk to the user without them being able to continue their offense. A freeze expires when a player logs out or when the /unfreeze <player> command is used.

  • Direct teleport permissions
    Most Trustees will have these permissions already through their skill rank. Nevertheless, Trustees should every now and then check upon other players when they have reason to believe that a player might be griefing. In most cases, this means taking a quick peek in the Visitors area and teleporting back. Especially when a player gets autokicked by the anti grief script, they should be checked upon rejoining to see if they were actually griefing or not. Note that while it is very useful to spot griefers early by actively monitoring players, Trustees should prevent players from feeling stalked by them.

  • Private Trustee Discord channel
    Trustees who have joined and linked their Minecraft account to our Discord will automatically have access to a channel only for Trustees. This is the perfect place to report your kicks/bans to, ask questions about the rank, or discuss Trustee-specific problems with other Trustees and staff.

Ideal Trustee moderation

When a player is interested in building redstone but is also (on the edge of) breaking rules, Trustees should take action. While bluntly banning these players works to maintain order on the server, we should also consider the value that those players add to the server. Therefore, both Trustees and staff members should always be careful to not overdo corrections and punishment. The general way to correct and/or punish players follows these guidelines:

  1. Talk to the player
    In many cases, players are not up to date with the rules and explaining those players that they are breaking a rule is enough for them to stop their bad behavior. If this doesn't work, explicitly asking the player to change their behavior is the best you can do through chat.

  2. Kick the player
    If talking to the player doesn't work, then it's time to show that we are being serious by kicking the player. When you kick a player, always include a meaningful reason for them and the other players to read. Based on judgement, this can be repeated for usually a maximum of 3 times in case the player continues their bad behavior.

  3. Ban the player
    This is the nuclear option. If a player still continues the bad behavior after being kicked, then the last option is to simply remove that player from the server for a while. If a player seems to be overwhelmed by emotions, a 5 minute ban might be sufficient to solve the issue. When the situation is more permanent, the maximum ban time of 1 hour should be used and staff should be contacted to take further actions.

Losing Trustee

It is possible to lose the Trustee rank after obtaining it. This can happen in the following ways:

  • Asking for removal
    Trustees can ask for their rank to be removed at any time. With the rank, they will also lose the responsibilities that come with it.

  • Misuse of Trustee perks
    When Trustees misuse their extra perks, staff will decide whether a correction will be sufficient, or whether the Trustee rank should be removed.

  • Breaking rules
    When Trustees breaks the rules, staff will decide whether a correction will be sufficient, or whether the Trustee rank should be removed.

  • Having a bad influence on the community
    When Trustees appear to have a bad influence on the community and they don't change what the staff asks them to change, they can lose the Trustee rank.

  • Being inactive
    When Trustees haven't joined the server for over 6 months, they are unlikely to make proper judgement when helping with staff tasks. Therefore, Trustee will be removed from them. These players are very likely to regain Trustee when they become active again.