About DrCrack

About Me

Halo, I am DrCrack. You can call me red or crack :)

I started joining this server since 2015-11-11. I like to build games to share with players, and that was the reason i wanted to join this server. A few months later, I got in love with this server. This server has a nice community that is caring for each other. Currently i work with both huge and small games. I like to add my own ideas into the games so it is more fun to play. I can also help you well in debugging circuits. Recently I am a really active staff who likes to help this server. Although you can see the senior tag in my name, there are still a lot of things that i need to learn.

I don't really know much about coding, and I'm bad in speaking English. So feel free to correct my grammar anytime, anywhere.

Redstone Skills

  • Comparators
  • Debugging
  • Game logics(But not some confusing algorithms)

My Typical Builds

  • Only Games (Minesweeper, Customizable Hangman & Mastermind, etc..)