About Ecconia

Hello I am Ecconia~

I was mostly playing Single-Player Minecraft for years. From time to time online with some friends of friends.
But I eventually started to build things with redstone. I was at some point interested what other players online might build.
That made me search online for servers and I found and joined this one.

Believe me, when I joined here there was so much I didn't understand. (I thought repeater blocks are a game-bug at that time).
A lot of players had been online (2015 or so). And several Adder-Carry-Optimizations had frequently been mentioned in chat - very exiting.

I did have experience, so I quickly ranked up to Regular with an upscaled but neat decimal to binary converter.
At that time I was extremely into falling-edge instant circuits using pistons. I attempted to build a CPU with it. But alone a decoder lagged horribly.
Flandyn ranked me up to Builder at some point for an instant ALU.

I was playing a lot at that time, very much. Which led Flandyn to rank me up to Moderator and quickly after he left the server for personal reasons.
My staff adventure starts here, but lets not waste any time on it. After one year I became Admin, for some reasons.

Staff situation:

When I am online / In the mood:
- I clean visitor/learner area
- I handle applications
- I look at CPU PromotionRequests
- I judge Trials
But currently (2019/20), I kind of lost interest in redstone - doesn't mean the server is no longer dear to me.
There are so many things which have to be modded since Mojang keeps destroying them. But the modding API's are aweful - so I don't quite enjoy it much anymore to write plugins and other mods for the game.
Also some builds such as CPU's with pipelining; Doors; Games are too difficult for me to judge. Since I don't fully understand them.


I developed a plugin Torcher for the server, one can place redstone torches into ROM's automated using it.
Wrote the tool Duster and some other small things: /pat /pet
The most recent thing was probably the Discord-Bot (together with Farex).
We have the Velocity proxy thanks to me as well as the survival server. Cause I like to survival with our awesome community a lot.
I also wrote a server-software ConChan which is in charge of sending data between our server-network without requiring any player to be online. (Normal plugins send data over the player connection -> BAD).
Worked on some scripts we used for years now.


At some point I ranked myself down to Regular, since I claim that I don't have what it takes for Builder. (Nobody minds though).
My specialty is base conversion, specifically Binary <-> Decimal. I created many possible ways to do that and a good concept of how to teach it different than anyone else (better)!
I also build a hand full of Regular-Level CPU's which can do things like: Line-Drawing, Fibonacci, Multiplication

I highly dislike: Observers, Quasi-Connectivity, Door-Building
I love: Computational Redstone - I also teach that to players, if they ask me, or need a teacher.

Outside Minecraft:

I am from Germany.
I play games like: Terraria, Factorio, (LogicWorld)
But most of the time I perform some programming, mainly in Java.
In winter I love to ice skate a lot (one good reason to be less online on this server).