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Country of origin:


About me:


My nickname is Flandyn and I've been a member since early 2012. I'm 21 years old, and as most people know, I'm Norwegian. Currently I go to college to get my Bachelor degree in electricial engineering. My sparetime goes excersising, voluntary work in engineers without border and play minecraft. I also like to learn about motorcycles and languages. Currently I speak 5 languages quite good, and 2 not so well.

I remember back in 2011 when I was fiddling around with some redstone elevators and doors. My friends told me I was amazing so I thought I would join a community based of redstone. When I first joined this server I realised that my skills were very limited. I was a noob. But after spending time and getting to know the community I saw that we were likeminded. The community didn't have teachers or projects where everyone could join as I might have expected but the possibilities with redstone was endless. And about a year after I joined when my redstone skills, language skills and my personality had developed I was asked if I'd like to become a staff on this server. Me saying yes to this oppertunity was probably the best choice of my life.

If you're interested you can read the entire The history of the server on this link. From start to now, through my perspective obviously.

My current rank is [Retired staff], so sadly I do not rank people, I do not review applications and I do not give plots. Though I do punish people breaking the rules #TheBadGuy. Since I'm Scandinavian and I've learned a few languages, I do try to help those that strugges with english in their native language. I can help people well in Scandinavian, English and German. And I can try to assist people in French and Dutch if it's necessairy. When I'm online I tend to spend time either with my creations FlanCastle and sometimes BlackFlan. Else I like to simply be a part of the community and talk to people.

If you do have any questions or are curious about this strange Norwegian, send a message on the website.

Redstone skills:

  • Arithmetic units
  • Trouble shooting
  • Old school computer redstone

My notable builds:

  • BlackFlan - A collaboration with Blackbelt_jr
  • iFlan - This servers first computer
  • FlanCastle - Found in creative world (None redstone)

Timeline of ranks:

  • January 10. 2012 - Learner
  • February 26. 2012 - Regular
  • April 03. 2012 - Senior
  • May 19. 2012 - Mod Jr.
  • June 10. 2012 - Mod
  • August 02. 2012 - OP
  • December 13. 2012 - Admin
  • November 04. 2015 - Retired from staff