About onlybob

Country of origin:


About me:

Hello. I'm onlybob and I am a retired server admin and an electrical engineer in real life. During my time on the Redstone Server I alongside with Flandyn designed the current spawn building in the Redstone world and have kept the website up to date along with adding in content. My goal has always been to promote the learning of digital circuit theory through Minecraft and would like to think that this server accomplishes that goal very successfully.

Redstone skills:

  • Signal strength
  • Digital circuits
  • Arithmetic
  • User Interface
  • System engineering

My typical builds:

  • Calculators
  • More calculators
  • Mathematical blocks
  • Just good ol' fashioned creative building

My highlighted creation warps:

  • bobhouse
  • - A house made of stone and nether brick.

  • bobs calc
  • - My first calculator. :D

  • calc2
  • - Possibly the most powerful calculator on the server. This build is my masterpiece and features thousands digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This calculator features complete signal strength technology for number computation. Lastly this features a sequential, signal strength divider, which has not been documented anywhere on the Internet when built.