About woesh0007

Country of origin:


About me:

Hello there, nice to meet you, I'm Woesh0007.

My adventure on this server started as a player, joining this server to be able to share my redstone creations with others. After a few months I became a staffmember and over the years, my interests moved from redstone 'programming' to programming in general. I started writing scripts/plugins for the server such as the Limited WorldEdit and AutoTrials. Nowadays, I'm not a very active redstone builder anymore; I maintain all server files and add/fix scripts/plugins where they are requested/needed/broken. You will see me in-game sometimes, but usually just to help people, test scripts/plugins and clean up areas.

I hope this gave you a bit of an impression of me and my role on the server if you didn't know me already. Perhaps we meet in the soon future.


Redstone skills (some random things):

  • Comparators
  • Trouble shooting (debugging)
  • Arithmetic logic

My typical builds (some random things):

  • Games (Pacman, Minesweeper, Sudoku, Connect 4, etc..)
  • CLE/ICA adders
  • Signal strength logic (comparator stuff)