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CyanRS: Builder
Creation location: 
639 155 -101
Machine Features: 
The pieces for the game are stored in ROM so they can be loaded onto the screen at anytime. When a piece is loaded it is stored in First Comparator Memory, This is where all falling blocks are stored. Every clock cycle the pieces stored in this Comparator Memory will be moved to the cell below it. The Clock starts at the bottom and works its way up to prevent the blocks overlapping. If the left/right movement input is activated, the falling blocks will move either left or right instead of falling straight down. Due to this being quite slow, there is a "Fast Drop" which will drop the piece but you wont be able to move left/right. Rotation occurs before the piece is dropped, the player can choose when the piece drops, so having as much time to think about which way you want the piece to be rotated doesn't make the game any more difficult to the real version. The pieces cannot move outside of the screen, if you try move the the piece to the right while it is pressed up against the right side, it will simply fall straight down. This is also true for if you try to move a piece against another piece. When a piece lands on a solid piece, it is moved from the Falling Memory to the Solid Memory and will no longer fall. When a line is filled in it will be removed and all the line above it will be moved into the Falling Memory(Some pieces appear missing at first, give it a few seconds and they will reappear).
How To Use: 
If you TP to the coordinates above, there is a place for the player to sit behind you.The Clock must be enabled for the build to function. All of the Controls are listed inside the black box where you stand to play the game. Left and Right buttons to move the piece left/right. Back button to rotate the piece while it is displayed in the "Next Piece" box (Not Falling, You will not be able to Rotate the Piece while it is falling). Jump to spawn the piece displayed in the "Next Piece" box, Jump a second time to enable "Fast Fall", This will make the piece fall twice as fast, but you will no longer have the ability to move left/right.
Request status: 
Not approved


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Your promotion request for Senior was denied. The main reason to me is because there is no rotation while falling. I feel like this is the part that really makes the challenge Senior-worthy. It is a nice build, but I would say it's only Builder skill level. If you have other questions about why this build was denied, you can speak with me in-game.

~ Farex

By Farex