Number Counter

Build image: 
In-game name (NO VISITORS! Must be LEARNER rank or higher!): 
Builder name(s) and current ranks: 
TyriTheDoge; Learner
Creation location: 
X:780.839 Y:21 Z:15.896
Machine Features: 
My machine features a piston feedtape. This feedtape hold cauldrons, which store the memory for each number. 7 comparators control certain segments of the display. If a cauldron with water in it touches a comparator, it will light up that segment.
How To Use: 
Simply press the button on the left side of the display.
Request status: 
Not approved


This is quite a simple build and, although useful, I'm not sure why you put it up for promotion. I'm not staff so I can't officially deny this but this doesn't really fit with the server's typical Regular-level builds.

By Idgo211

Build does not show the knowledge required for Regular rank.

By Ecconia