Herobrine has made his mark!

Unfortunately, we have been attacked by the all feared Herobrine and he continues to wreak havoc on the server as Stym and I desperately try to find the fix for this. He has brought the server down and possessed GlaDOS, Stym reports he has been seeing strange things in real life and is beginning to worry. I urge you to stay calm and let us solve this, please be patient and wish us luck!

EDIT: Stym has wrangled the beast of Herobrine back into its dark dungeon deep in the Nether. He has calmed the spirits and the server is once again, back to normal.


i was the guy attacked by him u should have said that lol.

By UB43

My friend was attacked by Herobrine this weekend. Herobrine turned his skin into a zombie but left him unpossesed. I actually think it's a new skin though.

By qerwtr546