Expandable Lights Out

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bagofmandms: Learner
Creation location: 
429 58 -405
Machine Features: 
The cell is fully expandable using copy and paste. This means you can make a playing board as large as you want by stacking the 7x7 cells. The state of each cell is stored by an observer toggled piston. pistons activate observer chains to carry the signal between cells. the system is entirely spam proof.
How To Use: 
To use the lights out board, connect a number of cells with world edit (already done in the demo). to toggle adjacent cells, flip a lever once. this will toggle the cells that are directly adjacent (not by corner) to the cell you have activated. The cell that you activate will not toggle itself. The goal is to turn on or off all of the cells on the board by activating adjacent cells.
Request status: 
Not approved