TakeOver w/ Win Detect and Piston Powered Board

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Learner : camron315
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711 49 -386
Machine Features: 
TakeOver Game: - Piston Powered Board - Round Choosers - 3 Rounds - Round Ender Notifier - Winner Board / Win Detector - Scoreboards - Round Lights / Round Ender Notifier 2 - 7.2/sec Rounds or 72 Ticks - Piston Pusher Button both Sides - Game Ender Lever that Decides the Winning side. Only can be used on round 3.
How To Use: 
How to Play: When a round is successfully activated go to the Player 1 or Player 2 Stations, Then Start pushing the button until you are completely dominant. On Round 3 Hit pull the lever before the other player. {This is also the same as How to Use}
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Not approved


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Looking at your build, I don't believe your redstone skill is developed to the Regular skill level yet. Your instructions for how to use the game are also very unclear, and thus I was not able to fully test the build, but it seems it's either buggy, or not fully understanding how to play makes it seem that way.

By Farex