4 slot 3 bit signal strength sorter

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BagOfMandMs: Learner
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862, 142, -132
Machine Features: 
Sorts 4 3 bit numbers in order from least to greatest using signal strength. The process is: 1.) Take number input and compare in the comparison matrix (dark blue bottom) to find greatest value. 2.) take input into a memory cell 3.) display in slot 1 4.) use purple lines to lock the former greatest value at 0 5.) repeat until no slots remain Because it uses signal strength it can compare all values simultaneously unlike a normal computer.
How To Use: 
1.) Reset the device with reset button on the right hand side 2.) Enter 4 values with no doubles or 0s using the item frames on the right blue side. 3.) press run button. The sorted numbers will be displayed on the left red side
Request status: 
Not approved


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"In my opinion, it's just a complex solution for a simple problem, and it's not similar to how a normal programming language would implement it either, so you didn't go for realism. It's definitely a nice project in terms of building some 'abstract' thing in MC, just to see if you could, but not regular worthy"

By DrCrack