4 bit calculator

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DokdoKRKMS : Learner
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748 81 -112
Machine Features: 
A 4 bit calculator that can do addition, subtraction, multiplication with base 10 In/Out. Pistons are only used to monostable circuits, display, and hopper pulse extenders. It's almost pistonless. Also there aren't any observer blocks or slime blocks. Yellow wool : input signal wire Red wool : display Pink wool : display control Orange wool : SS memory initializing Lime : Spam/hack preventer Green wool : input SS decoder Light blue wool : SS shift register Blue wool : Adder Cyan wool : Subtractor Purple wool : hex coded binary shift register for multiplication Magenta wool : Adder for multiplication Light gray wool : selector and calculation control Gray wool : multiplier control White wool : SS wire Terracottas and concretes : binary to BCD converter -Yellow : Carry -Orange : SS wire -Red : Add-3 -Magenta : Multiply the input by 2 (To shift the binary right to left) -Cyan : Memory -Light Blue : Memory initializer -Lime : Shifter Adder : used half hexadecimal adder Subtractor : used comparator's subtract mode. Easy :) Multiplier : used peasant algorithm binary to BCD conversion : used Double Dabble
How To Use: 
1. Choose two numbers you want to calculate and press them slowly in order. The calculator will automatically shift the number right to left. 2. Then choose the calculation you want and press it. 3. At the left side of the screen, there are two lamp indicators. Upper one shows the multiplication progress, and lower one shows the binary to BCD conversion progress. When you do addition and subtraction, it will do only the conversion. 4. It'll show the right answer on the screen when the calculation is over! 5. If you want to do other calculation, you don't need to press the button which is labeled "Clear Board". It'll automatically delete the past result and start new calculation.
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Not approved


I forgot to mention this. The white thing on the top of the screen is not mine. Just other's creation.

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Dear DokdoKRKMS,

Compared to other calculators and conidering the required logic, this build is too slow to fit for a rankup to Regular. I would suggest creating a faster converter from signal strength to base 10 7 segment display output, since 198 ticks is really way too much for a 3 digit output. Also consider adding negative values to be displayed, 4 - 10 is currently 0, which is incorrect.


By woesh0007

Dear woesh0007,

I'm sorry about the calculation mistake. The conversion time was 192 ticks, not 198 ticks. Anyway, the bi2bcd converter is now 64 ticks faster than before. but Is 128 ticks are still too slow for 3-digit output? If so, I'll try to make it much faster.
I'll wait for your reply.

Meow ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ


***But are 128 ticks still too slow for 3-digit output?


I modified the display, I put the plus and minus sign between = and 3-digit output. also I added the subtraction circuit which does inputB - inputA. The calculator can show negative output now. Check it out :)