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cadenjb Learner
Creation location: 
800 100 40
Machine Features: 
Connect four with win detection and spamproofing with autoswtich turn detection
How To Use: 
Connect four: drop pieces in a 7 long and 6 tall of cells with alternating turns and try and get 4 in a row!
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I wonder why you chose to use a simpler way to do the display that makes the wiring behind so much fatter...
But still, I like how you managed to make the wiring for the cells that are only 2 blocks high, without droppers/hoppers, that's impressive for a learner!

Looking forward to see how you'd improve.

Put the name of the build in the title, not the date

By DrCrack
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I made a smaller yellow one right next to it and i thought Id try to make the cells small but fat so the face was smaller.

By cadenjb