Application for Ash2003ton

In-game name: 
Why are you interested in joining this server?: 
I just love building with redstone and I used to play regularly on here. I dropped out for a while and then I just recently rejoined and I want to build my redstone skills much higher by learning off other people's creations and experience.
Current Redstone knowledge: 
I love logic. Anything that is logical like computers, calculators etc. I know concepts but not necesarially the best way to go about them or put them into a big project. But I am a quick learner and unless it's a computer with 2 CPUs or something I'm sure I could lend a hand if someone needed help. Currently I need to just expand my knowledge really. My computer theory is semi-decent but I could always do better.
Past Redstone Experience: 
Honestly. I've never really done anything impressive. I've done parts like, design memory or a new type of adder but never anything large. I did do a simple calculator a while back on this server but to be honest, I had help and it wasn't that great. Like I said, I learn fast and I've already improved massively since then.
About how often do you play Minecraft?: 
1-5 hours per day
Anything else you'd like to mention? (Optional): 
I am aware how bad it is to take a picture of a monitor it's just the awkwardness of screenshot uploading meant it was easier to do it on phone. Also in light of my probably lack luster redstone experiance I am highly experiance in server moderation and administration. I have ran a few of my own servers in the past so I know all about server managment. I constantly keep my skills up to date and I learn to fit around the plugins that the server has.
Application status: 
What kind of creations would you like to build on this server?: 
I really want to build a compact fully functioning redstone computer, one that you can program basic functions in and run them in turn. Maybe some other neat projects that are just fun and I can gain experience from. I wouldn't mind collaborating with someone else on a project too as it gives us a chance to learn off each other as we build.


I realised language isn't listed so my main language is English but I don't mind using a translator to talk with people.

By Ash2003ton