Reaction Time Game

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BrainSmartJuice: Learner
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566 152 -449
Machine Features: 
The game is a reaction time game. It contains a 4-bit randomizer to choose a random light, a setup to light up lamps that buttons are on and then get the output of the button while the lamp is on from a single wire, the lamps are lit by pistons moving blocks around, a timer precise to a tenth of a second and a display that will display the most recent time and the fastest time since the scores are reset. This part requires a mechanism to store the top score, check all incoming scores to see if they are better and if so replace the scores in memory and on the top score display, the score displays function as a sort of 10-way, fairly minor other circuits are around to run the game, prevent cheating (from one player, can't think of a way to even theoretically stop two players from cheating the game), and prevent the game from being restarted while it is still running, thus possibly breaking some of the piston mechanisms, specifically the one that displays which button to hit. Stuff is color coded.
How To Use: 
The play area is the hay bit that the coordinates I gave go to. Once there, to play stand on the pressure plate and open the chest. at this point wait in the chest until the dings eventually start and finish, there are three low dings then a final forth high ding accompanied by the lamps on either side of the chest turning on. Once this happens turn around and hit the button that is lit as quickly as possible. Exiting the chest before the forth ding and lights will activate cheat prevention and stop your score from going through. Once you hit the button, and some time passes, your score will be posted under the YOU score, if you beat the top score it will also be posted there. If the scores have been reset both displays will appear blank and will set both displays to the next score to come through. If you wan't to reset the scores there is a reset button behind the score display that is inside a black box with glass over one side that says "Master Score Reset" and "Do Not Press", press that. please replace the glass. The game takes a bit of time to reset after each play and will also reset automatically if the player cheated or takes longer than ten seconds. There is a light at the bottom of the score display that will be on if the game is ready to play.
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Not approved