Teleputer TTT Two

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Build image: 
In-game name (NO VISITORS! Must be LEARNER rank or higher!): 
Builder name(s) and current ranks: 
Creation location: 
965 209 -376
Machine Features: 
It plays TTT but it is around 1.2 the size of my old one and is around 5x to 6x faster then my Old one
How To Use: 
The Red is o and the blue is x get a 3 in a row to win when you win your turn display will blink showing that you have won if you want to reset it go to the back and hit the button on the light blue wool
Request status: 
Not approved


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It currently doesn't switch turns properly. It is stuck on +'s turn. Also, I noticed there is no single tick spam protection, but if you can fix the current issues I will review it again.

If you have an questions you can DM me here on the site, on Discord, or catch me in-game.

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~ Farex

By Farex