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1865 91 1848
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Machine features: Instant 0 spread, Under a minute bomb placement, 3 difficulties (20, 30 and 40 bombs), win/loss detection, compact easy to read display, reset. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: Instant 0 spread. The instant 0 spread consists of each cell having 1. A multi directional instant repeater and 2. A 0.5 tick pulsar. When a cell is revealed to be a 0, the 0.5 tick pulsar powers the instant repeater which then triggers the instant repeaters of all 8 cells around it. The way it only reveals 0s and the numbers around it, is by blocking the repeater when the cell-number>0. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: Under a minute bomb placement. The bomb placement consists of 2 parts which work together to plot points, in this case plot bombs. The columns consist of an instant comparator line which is randomized with a shulker box randomizer. The rows are powered by 4 randomizers which either output 1 or 0, these then feed into a binary decoder, the first row has an output of 1 and so on until 15. This is all powered by a 2 tick clock which results in bomb placement that is under a minute. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: Win/Loss Detection. The win detection uses an XOR to detect if all cells with bombs in them are flagged it then triggers the output. It is an XOR so that a player can not go around and flag every cell to win. The Loss detection uses an AND gate to see if you reveal a bomb, then triggers the output and reveals all cells. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rest of the build is far simpler, the 3 difficulties use a button selection system with a dropper with a certain amount of items. 1 item equates to 1 bomb, with the harder difficulties having more items.
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This machine I would consider very simple to use. To start off, all you have to do is select your difficulty from the selection screen. You then hit the reset and generate button. Wait until the light surrounding the button is turned off (less than a minute). You can then begin playing the game. The green button on each cell is to reveal all cells (beware!! you might reveal a bomb!). The red button is to flag all cells (This is used to win the game)
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