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CyanRS: Builder
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920 110 -20
Machine Features: 
The main component in this machine is using pistons to block signals. Each cell can be marked as either Red(+) or Blue(◻️). Each cell is split into 2 layers the top and bottom layers take care of their respective colour. For example, on the top layer, when a blue piece is placed, a redstone block is moved to stop the signal from traveling into the network. (The network is connects all the cells together through 2 way repeater lines), this is what produces the desired affect of GO. If that blue piece is surrounded by red pieces, sticky pistons push blocks and cut off the redstone signal. Using these 2 components we can easily detect when a piece (or group of pieces) are dead. The "Life Force" comes from redstone blocks that power the network, The redstone blocks only provide power to the network when that cell is empty. This is how I detect when a cell should be killed. I also have a line of redstone per layer and cell which disables your own pieces from killing themselves. Using 2 way repeaters and piston block cutting, cell killing can easily be calculated. There is a slight delay in cell killing as the 2 way repeaters need a few ticks to update when a direction change is required.
How To Use: 
To play GO, you must push either the RED or BLUE wool buttons depending of which player you are. Each players turn will be specified by the TURN indicator at the top of the board. You may not place stones when it is not your turn, and you may no place more than 1 stone per turn. To win the game you must capture the most stones from your opponent. To capture a stone (or groups of stones), you must surround that stone (in 4 directions) with your stones. Once the stone is surrounded (with no empty spaces in the ring or ring wall) that stone/s will be captured. The game ends when both players pass their turns (pass a turn by pressing the 4x4 gray area). The winner will be declared by the WINNER indicator at the top of the board, the winner is decided by who captures the most stones.