15 tile sliding puzzle

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thediamondpiston learner
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762 21 -375
Machine Features: 
this was make very simpily, there are sticky pistons witch pushes a slime block with the tiles in the direction of your choice. there are also regular pistons in the corners if theres a spot you want a tile to go but the hole is not near. there is also imovible blocks around it to stop people from moving the tiles in the wrong way. lastly, due to having to use slime blocks some pistons get pulled with it, so i made a system were if that button is pressed another piston will move it back in place.
How To Use: 
first off there is a set of blocks behind it so you know what the finishing product should look like. you get a slime block from the dispenser and place it on the board, then press the button next to the piston to push the tile. there are also regular pistons that you can you on the corners for more posible tile movment. when you move the tile you want, breake the slime block and do your next turn.
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Not approved


i said
"this was make very simpily"
when I mean
"this was made very simpily"

By thediamondpiston

No clue how to use it. Doesn't appear to work. Better controls required. Please upgrade it a bit :)

By Ecconia