2 Computers 1 Router

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Teleputer: Learner BunnyInc:Builder
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850 230 -255
Machine Features: 
It is 2 16bit Turing Computers and 1 16 point router with a 4 IP system that will allow up to 16 people on the router at once, it uses UDP as its protocol the 2 16 bit computers act as a Client and a Server, have 128 lines of code and have a version of the assembly programing language. the Computer uses an old design of an ALU which is Slow but gets the job done, and has 128 bits of Ram and a clock speed of around 50 ticks and a HID in a form of a Keypad. it uses a Binary to BCD converter which then links to a BCD number display, The Computer has this list of Programs Client: Fibonacci Counter(Deleted) Keypad to Display(Deleted) Binary Number Counter(Deleted) Network Communicator Server: Network Multiplier (It will Read, multiply then Send the data to send)
How To Use: 
you need to reset the computer before you start any program, go to the Reset button located at 815 218 -222 then there's a program counter which is located at 815 218 -234, the 3 buttons allow you to pick which layer your program starts at (3 bit binary), then once set in place hit the lever at 923 218 -220 to start the clock
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Its a nice build nice CPU.
Yeah you got help from Bunny, but if its not for the network but the CPU you already know a lot.
I still would love to see a nicer version of this, or continue to talk to you about it.
Anyway approved.

By Ecconia