game of life

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926 138 62
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The cells of the game are 4x4x34 and i have 256 cells (16x16). the build consists of 3 parts: 1: The front is the display (yellow) 2: The middle is where the build dicides if the cell dies of lives (orange) 3: The back is where it detects how many cells are next to every cell (lime,cyan) The red part of the build blocks the all the cells from turning on or off because all the cells need to change at the same time. The brown part is for the auto reset so all the cells can be turned off at the same time. The whole build cycles every 30 ticks. It can run on a clock you you can cycle it manually.
How To Use: 
There are 256 cells that each have a button on them. You can press the button to turn the cell on or off. Then your don't with that you can go to the bottom-left where you can flick a lever and turn the game of life on. You can also press a button and it goes once. there's also another button that clears the whole screen. link to the Wikipedia for more info:
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