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Creation location: 
x:-1339,y:120,z:-1413 or /plot tp dokdokrkms
Machine Features: 
Red wool : Calculates the amount of nearby bombs. Lime wool : Sends and receives the signal of clear button Yellow wool : Manages clear signal Magenta wool : Rs nor latch and single adder to determine win and lose/ win signal bus Green wool : Lose signal bus Blue wool : Reset bus Gray and Lightgray wool : Display Sky and Purple wool : Bomb dropper. Droppers and hoppers are used to randomizer.
How To Use: 
1.Click the button with blue concrete to reset and drop the bombs 2.Wait until the lamp turns off 3.Enjoy! click white button to clear cells, click red button to set as flag.
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Reason why it uses adder for win and lose detection is because adder has 2 logic gates in itself. So when i connect two RS Nor latches, one for clear and one for bomb, it outputs two states : XOR- when the cell has no bomb and it is cleared(1,0) or the cell is not cleared and has bomb(0,1) it becomes 1, however if both latches are on XOR becomes 0 and AND gets signal 1. that means the player has clicked the bomb cell.


zerospread. I accidentally found out the best word for that.