A Hangman Game

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EngineerRS : Learner+
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/p tp engineerrs
Machine Features: 
The Hangman is a game consisting of finding a word by guessing what are the letters that compose it. The game has a win detection and a lose detection + Fireworks, the game is automatic and secure.
How To Use: 
To update it press "reset" and a word will be chosen randomly, you just have to find the words with the letters, to help you, you have on the ground "lamps" that warn you if you already played this letter. To get a new word after you win or lose you have to "reset" !
Request status: 
Not approved


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Dear EngineerRS,

I've tested your build and the word "Pancakes" is selected, but pressing the "a" and "p" do not result in showing those, but rather make me lose a 'life'. Other than that, I do like how the words rotate, allowing it to be fun for single player. If you can make this bug-free, I will approve it.


By woesh0007
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Dear Woesh0007

Hangman Is Now Repaired

By EngineerRS
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There was just a little question of power ^^

By EngineerRS