A 4-bit calculator

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In-game name (NO VISITORS! Must be LEARNER rank or higher!): 
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davisdonut: Learner
Creation location: 
688, 148, -318 or /warp davis
Machine Features: 
The machine uses an encoder code inputs into binary, and send it to the multiplier / adder / subtractor. The pulse goes to the system you required, and adds / subtracts / multiplies the input. The output is then put through a decoder to tun it into a number and then the appropriate light on the board is lit. While it processes it may light up random numbers before finalizing on 1. The machine can use 0 correctly and you can multiply / add / subtract by 0. The subtracter and adder are RCA's. On the subtractor the input will go in, and will come out with a number that is either positive or negative. If it is positive it will go to a different decoder than if it was negative. The multiplier is based off of a torch tower that multiplies the input, and then the inputs are put through an overflow mechanic (Thats the spaghetti) and then put through a decoder. The decoder sends the correct signal to the board.
How To Use: 
Hit a button for the operation you would like. The equation will always be Top +/-/* Bottom. After putting in input in about 3 to 15 seconds the correct answer will be on the board.
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Not approved