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AyThatsPrettyGud: learner
Creation location: 
509 156 -309
Machine Features: 
My Tic Tac Toe has win detection, auto-reset, spam proofing, and has an actual x display instead of a cross. For my win detection I connected the displays to 3 input and gates for all possible patterns. for the spam proofing I connected a piston block to the opposite sides same button so that if you press the button once neither can press the same button until winning or pressing the reset button. the button inputs have torches that are reversed and attach to what I believe is called a d latch? this connects to the arrays that have torches on the side powering the display when proper. the reset system is attached to the win detect and a button which can manually reset it this powers a constantly powered torch which lines over to the button-display and powers the redstone resetting the game.
How To Use: 
It's tic tac toe. Left side is O and right side is X
Request status: 
Not approved


due to me lacking turn detection I am changing my request from regular to learner+

By JacksGraphics
woesh0007's picture

The only way to obtain Learner+ is through a trial (type /trial in-game), which should be doable with some practise.
Regarding your TTT: The listed requirements include that it should have turn detection and be spam proof, which is not the case in this build. So I'm going to deny this one. For a new TTT build, I would also recommend making the screen 4x4 blocks per pixel, rather than the current 6x6 blocks per pixel. This shows us that your building skills are sufficient to build more compact creations as well.


By woesh0007